Last 30 Days Gold Price in Ongole

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ONGOLE 24-Carat 22-Carat
31-Jan-2015 Rs.2876 Rs.2636
1-Feb-2015 Rs.2876 Rs.2636
2-Feb-2015 Rs.2866 Rs.2627
3-Feb-2015 Rs.2869 Rs.2630
4-Feb-2015 Rs.2833 Rs.2597
5-Feb-2015 Rs.2839 Rs.2602
6-Feb-2015 Rs.2843 Rs.2606
7-Feb-2015 Rs.2800 Rs.2567
8-Feb-2015 Rs.2800 Rs.2567
9-Feb-2015 Rs.2807 Rs.2573
10-Feb-2015 Rs.2807 Rs.2573
11-Feb-2015 Rs.2805 Rs.2571
12-Feb-2015 Rs.2790 Rs.2558
13-Feb-2015 Rs.2788 Rs.2556
14-Feb-2015 Rs.2788 Rs.2556
15-Feb-2015 Rs.2788 Rs.2556
16-Feb-2015 Rs.2793 Rs.2560
17-Feb-2015 Rs.2786 Rs.2554
18-Feb-2015 Rs.2786 Rs.2554
19-Feb-2015 Rs.2751 Rs.2522
20-Feb-2015 Rs.2735 Rs.2507
21-Feb-2015 Rs.2741 Rs.2513
22-Feb-2015 Rs.2741 Rs.2513
23-Feb-2015 Rs.2741 Rs.2513
24-Feb-2015 Rs.2719 Rs.2492
25-Feb-2015 Rs.2734 Rs.2506
26-Feb-2015 Rs.2734 Rs.2506
27-Feb-2015 Rs.2722 Rs.2495
28-Feb-2015 Rs.2722 Rs.2495
1-Mar-2015 Rs.2722 Rs.2495

24 Carat Gold rates in Ongole (30 Days)

In Ongole, the least price of 24 Carat gold throughout the last 30 days has been Rs.2719 every one gram.
Peak point in the prices of one gram of 24 Carat gold in Ongole is Rs.2876, in the last 30 days.
The average price of one gram of 24 Carat gold in Ongole in the last 30 days was Rs.2787.

22 Carat Gold rates in Ongole

Coming to the aspect of least price of 1 gram twenty two carat gold in Ongole in the previous 30 days, it is given as Rs.2492.
Rs.2636 sets a new record of being the highest price of 1 gram of 22 carat gold in the last 30 days in Ongole.
Rs.2555 is the average gold price in the last 30 days in Ongole for one gram of 22 carat gold.
Change of gold prices in the previous 30 days is -5.62% in Ongole.

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