Last 30 Days Gold Price in Ongole

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ONGOLE 24-Carat 22-Carat
9-Sep-2015 Rs.2693 Rs.2469
10-Sep-2015 Rs.2693 Rs.2469
11-Sep-2015 Rs.2672 Rs.2449
12-Sep-2015 Rs.2673 Rs.2450
13-Sep-2015 Rs.2673 Rs.2450
14-Sep-2015 Rs.2664 Rs.2442
15-Sep-2015 Rs.2662 Rs.2440
16-Sep-2015 Rs.2666 Rs.2444
17-Sep-2015 Rs.2683 Rs.2459
18-Sep-2015 Rs.2683 Rs.2459
19-Sep-2015 Rs.2712 Rs.2486
20-Sep-2015 Rs.2712 Rs.2486
21-Sep-2015 Rs.2701 Rs.2476
22-Sep-2015 Rs.2712 Rs.2486
23-Sep-2015 Rs.2697 Rs.2472
24-Sep-2015 Rs.2699 Rs.2474
25-Sep-2015 Rs.2700 Rs.2475
26-Sep-2015 Rs.2701 Rs.2476
27-Sep-2015 Rs.2701 Rs.2476
28-Sep-2015 Rs.2709 Rs.2483
29-Sep-2015 Rs.2685 Rs.2461
30-Sep-2015 Rs.2691 Rs.2467
1-Oct-2015 Rs.2677 Rs.2454
2-Oct-2015 Rs.2712 Rs.2486
3-Oct-2015 Rs.2709 Rs.2483
4-Oct-2015 Rs.2709 Rs.2483
5-Oct-2015 Rs.2704 Rs.2479
6-Oct-2015 Rs.2699 Rs.2474
7-Oct-2015 Rs.2709 Rs.2483
8-Oct-2015 Rs.2709 Rs.2483

24 Carat Gold rates in Ongole (30 Days)

In the last Thirty days , the price of 24 Carat Gold per 1 gram hasn’t gone down below Rs.2662 in Ongole.
In Ongole , the rates of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold haven’t shot up more than Rs.2712 in the last Thirty days.
Rs.2694 is given as the price of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold in Ongole, but it is only the average of prices in the last Thirty days.

22 Carat Gold rates in Ongole

Minimum gold rate of 22 carat gold per 1 gram is Rs.2440 since Thirty days in Ongole.
Highest point in the prices of 22 carat gold per one gram in Ongole, in the previous Thirty days is Rs.2486.
Want to know about the average price of 22 carat gold per one gram, in Ongole city? Then make a note that it is Rs.2469 in the previous Thirty days.
In the last Thirty days, the gold rate change in Ongole is 0.59% .

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