Today Gold Price in Kurnool

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KURNOOL 24-Carat 22-Carat
27-Jan-2016 Rs.2755 Rs.2525
28-Jan-2016 Rs.2758 Rs.2528
29-Jan-2016 Rs.2758 Rs.2528
30-Jan-2016 Rs.2733 Rs.2505
31-Jan-2016 Rs.2733 Rs.2505
1-Feb-2016 Rs.2760 Rs.2530
2-Feb-2016 Rs.2772 Rs.2541

24 Carat Gold rates in Kurnool

Coming to the aspect of least price of 1 gram twenty four carat gold in Kurnool in the previous Seven days, it is given as Rs.2733.
Peak point in the prices of one gram of 24 Carat gold in Kurnool is Rs.2772, in the last Seven days.
Rs.2753 has been mentioned as the average price of one gram 24 Carat gold in Kurnool, but only of the last Seven days.

22 Carat Gold rates in Kurnool

In Kurnool, the least price of 22 carat gold throughout the last Seven days has been Rs.2505 every one gram.
Rs.2541 is the maximum 22 Carat Gold rate per 1 gram during last Seven days in Kurnool.
Want to know about the average price of 22 carat gold per one gram, in Kurnool city? Then make a note that it is Rs.2523 in the previous Seven days.
0.62% has been the change in gold rate in the last Seven days in Kurnool.

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