Last 30 Days Gold Price in Bangalore

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BANGALORE 24-Carat 22-Carat
26-Mar-2014 Rs.2931 Rs.2687
27-Mar-2014 Rs.2877 Rs.2637
28-Mar-2014 Rs.2870 Rs.2631
29-Mar-2014 Rs.2887 Rs.2646
30-Mar-2014 Rs.2887 Rs.2646
31-Mar-2014 Rs.2884 Rs.2644
01-Apr-2014 Rs.2879 Rs.2639
02-Apr-2014 Rs.2873 Rs.2634
03-Apr-2014 Rs.2900 Rs.2658
04-Apr-2014 Rs.2911 Rs.2668
05-Apr-2014 Rs.2922 Rs.2679
06-Apr-2014 Rs.2922 Rs.2679
07-Apr-2014 Rs.2974 Rs.2726
08-Apr-2014 Rs.2938 Rs.2693
09-Apr-2014 Rs.2938 Rs.2693
10-Apr-2014 Rs.2958 Rs.2712
11-Apr-2014 Rs.2942 Rs.2697
12-Apr-2014 Rs.2962 Rs.2715
13-Apr-2014 Rs.2962 Rs.2715
14-Apr-2014 Rs.2998 Rs.2748
15-Apr-2014 Rs.2996 Rs.2746
16-Apr-2014 Rs.2961 Rs.2714
17-Apr-2014 Rs.2996 Rs.2746
18-Apr-2014 Rs.2992 Rs.2743
19-Apr-2014 Rs.2993 Rs.2744
20-Apr-2014 Rs.2993 Rs.2744
21-Apr-2014 Rs.2985 Rs.2736
22-Apr-2014 Rs.2991 Rs.2742
23-Apr-2014 Rs.2997 Rs.2747
24-Apr-2014 Rs.3001 Rs.2751

24 Carat Gold rates in Bangalore /Benguluru (30 Days)

Rs.2870 is the minimum 24 Carat Gold rate per 1 gram during last Thirty days in Bangalore.
In the previous Thirty days, the prices of 24 Carat gold per one gram haven’t gone up more than Rs.3001 in Bangalore .
Rs.2944 is given as the price of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold in Bangalore, but it is only the average of prices in the last Thirty days.

22 Carat Gold rates in Bangalore /Benguluru

One gram of 22 carat gold has been priced Rs.2631 in the last Thirty days in Bangalore.
The upper price of 22 carat gold per every one gram in the last Thirty days in Bangalore continued to be Rs.2751.
During the last Thirty days, the standard price of one gram of 22 carat gold in Bangalore was Rs.2699.
In Bangalore, the change in gold prices in the last Thirty days is 2.34%.

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