Last 30 Days Gold Price in Bangalore

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BANGALORE 24-Carat 22-Carat
4-July-2015 Rs.2667 Rs.2445
5-July-2015 Rs.2667 Rs.2445
6-July-2015 Rs.2675 Rs.2452
7-July-2015 Rs.2664 Rs.2442
8-July-2015 Rs.2660 Rs.2438
9-July-2015 Rs.2642 Rs.2422
10-July-2015 Rs.2657 Rs.2436
11-July-2015 Rs.2650 Rs.2429
12-July-2015 Rs.2650 Rs.2429
13-July-2015 Rs.2637 Rs.2417
14-July-2015 Rs.2637 Rs.2417
15-July-2015 Rs.2590 Rs.2374
16-July-2015 Rs.2599 Rs.2382
17-July-2015 Rs.2610 Rs.2393
18-July-2015 Rs.2614 Rs.2396
19-July-2015 Rs.2614 Rs.2396
20-July-2015 Rs.2560 Rs.2347
21-July-2015 Rs.2563 Rs.2349
22-July-2015 Rs.2536 Rs.2325
23-July-2015 Rs.2554 Rs.2341
24-July-2015 Rs.2517 Rs.2307
25-July-2015 Rs.2541 Rs.2329
26-July-2015 Rs.2541 Rs.2329
27-July-2015 Rs.2545 Rs.2333
28-July-2015 Rs.2529 Rs.2318
29-July-2015 Rs.2527 Rs.2316
30-July-2015 Rs.2528 Rs.2317
31-July-2015 Rs.2523 Rs.2313
1-Aug-2015 Rs.2544 Rs.2332
2-Aug-2015 Rs.2544 Rs.2332

24 Carat Gold rates in Bangalore /Benguluru (30 Days)

In the last 30 days , the price of 24 Carat Gold per 1 gram hasn’t gone down below Rs.2517 in Bangalore.
Rs.2675 is the maximum 24 Carat gold rate per one gram in the last 30 days in Bangalore .
Want to know about the average price of 24 Carat gold per one gram, in Bangalore city? Then make a note that it is Rs.2593 in the previous 30 days.

22 Carat Gold rates in Bangalore /Benguluru

Rs.2307 is mentioned as the least price of one gram of 22 Carat gold in Bangalore in the last 30 days.
No price higher than Rs.2452 has been recorded as the price of one gram of 22 carat gold in Bangalore in last 30 days.
One gram of 22 carat gold rate during the last 30 days in Bangalore has been Rs.2377.
Know that the change in rates of gold in Bangalore in the last 30 days is -4.83%.

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