Last 30 Days Gold Price in Mumbai

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MUMBAI 24-Carat 22-Carat
30-Sep-2014 Rs.2675 Rs.2452
01-Oct-2014 Rs.2675 Rs.2452
02-Oct-2014 Rs.2678 Rs.2455
03-Oct-2014 Rs.2678 Rs.2455
04-Oct-2014 Rs.2682 Rs.2459
05-Oct-2014 Rs.2682 Rs.2459
06-Oct-2014 Rs.2690 Rs.2466
07-Oct-2014 Rs.2674 Rs.2451
08-Oct-2014 Rs.2705 Rs.2480
09-Oct-2014 Rs.2722 Rs.2495
10-Oct-2014 Rs.2696 Rs.2471
11-Oct-2014 Rs.2728 Rs.2501
12-Oct-2014 Rs.2728 Rs.2501
13-Oct-2014 Rs.2731 Rs.2503
14-Oct-2014 Rs.2738 Rs.2510
15-Oct-2014 Rs.2733 Rs.2505
16-Oct-2014 Rs.2752 Rs.2523
17-Oct-2014 Rs.2752 Rs.2523
18-Oct-2014 Rs.2724 Rs.2497
19-Oct-2014 Rs.2724 Rs.2497
20-Oct-2014 Rs.2724 Rs.2497
21-Oct-2014 Rs.2724 Rs.2497
22-Oct-2014 Rs.2740 Rs.2512
23-Oct-2014 Rs.2740 Rs.2512
24-Oct-2014 Rs.2757 Rs.2527
25-Oct-2014 Rs.2738 Rs.2510
26-Oct-2014 Rs.2738 Rs.2510
27-Oct-2014 Rs.2732 Rs.2504
28-Oct-2014 Rs.2698 Rs.2473
29-Oct-2014 Rs.2730 Rs.2503

24 Carat Gold rates in Mumbai (30 Days)

Rs.2674 is the minimum 24 Carat Gold rate per 1 gram during last Thirty days in Mumbai.
In Mumbai , the rates of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold haven’t shot up more than Rs.2757 in the last Thirty days.
Note that Rs.2716 is the average price of 24 Carat gold per one gram in the previous Thirty days in Mumbai.

22 Carat Gold rates in Mumbai

Coming to the aspect of least price of 1 gram twenty two carat gold in Mumbai in the previous Thirty days, it is given as Rs.2451.
Rs.2527 is the maximum gold rate per one gram in the last Thirty days in Mumbai.
Rs.2490 is the average of the prices of 1 gram of 22 carat gold in last Thirty days in Mumbai.
2.01% has been recorded as the change of gold prices in the last Thirty days in Mumbai.

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