Last 30 Days Gold Price in New Delhi

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New Delhi 24-Carat 22-Carat
29-June-2015 Rs.2695 Rs.2470
30-June-2015 Rs.2685 Rs.2461
1-July-2015 Rs.2671 Rs.2448
2-July-2015 Rs.2660 Rs.2438
3-July-2015 Rs.2650 Rs.2429
4-July-2015 Rs.2659 Rs.2437
5-July-2015 Rs.2659 Rs.2437
6-July-2015 Rs.2668 Rs.2446
7-July-2015 Rs.2662 Rs.2440
8-July-2015 Rs.2617 Rs.2399
9-July-2015 Rs.2634 Rs.2415
10-July-2015 Rs.2647 Rs.2426
11-July-2015 Rs.2642 Rs.2422
12-July-2015 Rs.2642 Rs.2422
13-July-2015 Rs.2631 Rs.2412
14-July-2015 Rs.2631 Rs.2412
15-July-2015 Rs.2620 Rs.2402
16-July-2015 Rs.2622 Rs.2404
17-July-2015 Rs.2625 Rs.2406
18-July-2015 Rs.2600 Rs.2383
19-July-2015 Rs.2600 Rs.2383
20-July-2015 Rs.2570 Rs.2356
21-July-2015 Rs.2557 Rs.2344
22-July-2015 Rs.2525 Rs.2315
23-July-2015 Rs.2549 Rs.2337
24-July-2015 Rs.2537 Rs.2326
25-July-2015 Rs.2505 Rs.2296
26-July-2015 Rs.2505 Rs.2296
27-July-2015 Rs.2549 Rs.2337
28-July-2015 Rs.2522 Rs.2312

24 Carat Gold rates in New Delhi (30 Days)

24 Carat gold rate in Delhi per one gram in the last Thirty days continued to be at Rs.2505.
Delhi has seen a maximum rate of 24 Carat gold price as Rs.2695 per one gram since Thirty days.
Rs.2611 is the average of the prices of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold in last Thirty days in Delhi.

22 Carat Gold rates in New Delhi

In Delhi, the least price of 22 carat gold throughout the last Thirty days has been Rs.2296 every one gram.
Rs.2470 has got the credit of being the highest price for the one gram of 22 carat gold in the last Thirty days in Delhi.
One gram of 22 carat gold rate during the last Thirty days in Delhi has been Rs.2394.
Know that the change in rates of gold in Delhi in the last Thirty days is -6.85%.

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