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[easychart type=”vertbar” height=”300″ width=”350″ title=”Today Gold Price / 1 gram in Chandigarh from 25-Aug-2015 to 31-Aug-2015″ groupnames=”24 Carat, 22 Carat” valuenames=”25-Aug-2015, 26-Aug-2015, 27-Aug-2015, 28-Aug-2015, 29-Aug-2015, 30-Aug-2015, 31-Aug-2015″ group1values=”2734, 2735, 2671, 2702, 2697, 2697, 2701″ group2values=”2506, 2507, 2448, 2477, 2472, 2472, 2476″ minaxis=”2400″]

CHANDIGARH 24-Carat 22-Carat
25-Aug-2015 Rs.2734 Rs.2506
26-Aug-2015 Rs.2735 Rs.2507
27-Aug-2015 Rs.2671 Rs.2448
28-Aug-2015 Rs.2702 Rs.2477
29-Aug-2015 Rs.2697 Rs.2472
30-Aug-2015 Rs.2697 Rs.2472
31-Aug-2015 Rs.2701 Rs.2476

24 Carat Gold rates in CHANDIGARH

Rs.2671 is mentioned as the least price of one gram of 24 Carat gold in Chandigarh in the last Seven days.
In Chandigarh , the rates of 1 gram of 24 Carat gold haven’t shot up more than Rs.2735 in the last Seven days.
During last Seven days in Chandigarh, the average price of 24 Carat gold per one gram is given as Rs.2705.

22 Carat Gold rates in CHANDIGARH

Rs.2448 is the minimum 22 Carat Gold rate per 1 gram during last Seven days in Chandigarh.
Chandigarh has seen a maximum rate of 22 carat gold price as Rs.2507 per one gram since Seven days.
During the last Seven days, the standard price of one gram of 22 carat gold in Chandigarh was Rs.2480.
Gold rate Change in last Seven days in Chandigarh is -1.21%.

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