Info for 24 carat gold price in raipur

Today Gold Price in Raipur

RAIPUR 24-Carat 22-Carat 23-Jan-2015 Rs.2839 Rs.2602 24-Jan-2015 Rs.2838 Rs.2602 25-Jan-2015 Rs.2838 Rs.2602 27-Jan-2015 Rs.2838 Rs.2602 28-Jan-2015 Rs.2831 Rs.2595 29-Jan-2015 Rs.2850 Rs.2613 30-Jan-2015 Rs.2802 Rs.2569 24 Carat Gold rates in RAIPUR One gram of 24 Carat gold has been priced Rs.2802 in the last Seven days in Raipur.Rs.2850 ...

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Last 30 Days Gold Price in Raipur

RAIPUR 24-Carat 22-Carat 31-Dec-2014 Rs.2704 Rs.2479 01-Jan-2015 Rs.2724 Rs.2497 02-Jan-2015 Rs.2692 Rs.2468 03-Jan-2015 Rs.2740 Rs.2512 04-Jan-2015 Rs.2740 Rs.2512 05-Jan-2015 Rs.2706 Rs.2481 06-Jan-2015 Rs.2751 Rs.2522 07-Jan-2015 Rs.2742 Rs.2514 08-Jan-2015 Rs.2710 Rs.2484 09-Jan-2015 Rs.2707 Rs.2481 10-Jan-2015 Rs.2743 Rs.2514 11-Jan-2015 ...

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