Info for gold rate in bangalore in last 10 days

Today Gold Price in Bangalore

BANGALORE 24-Carat 22-Carat 12-Apr-2014 Rs.2962 Rs.2715 13-Apr-2014 Rs.2962 Rs.2715 14-Apr-2014 Rs.2998 Rs.2748 15-Apr-2014 Rs.2996 Rs.2746 16-Apr-2014 Rs.2961 Rs.2714 17-Apr-2014 Rs.2996 Rs.2746 18-Apr-2014 Rs.2992 Rs.2743 24 Carat Gold rates in Bangalore /Benguluru In Bangalore, the least price of 24 Carat gold throughout the last 7 days has ...

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Last 30 Days Gold Price in Bangalore

BANGALORE 24-Carat 22-Carat 20-Mar-2014 Rs.2999 Rs.2749 21-Mar-2014 Rs.2999 Rs.2749 22-Mar-2014 Rs.3002 Rs.2752 23-Mar-2014 Rs.3002 Rs.2752 24-Mar-2014 Rs.2970 Rs.2723 25-Mar-2014 Rs.2931 Rs.2687 26-Mar-2014 Rs.2931 Rs.2687 27-Mar-2014 Rs.2877 Rs.2637 28-Mar-2014 Rs.2870 Rs.2631 29-Mar-2014 Rs.2887 Rs.2646 30-Mar-2014 Rs.2887 Rs.2646 ...

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