Info for gold rate in guwahati

Today Gold Price in Guwahati

GUWAHATI 24-Carat 22-Carat 23-Jan-2015 Rs.2878 Rs.2638 24-Jan-2015 Rs.2880 Rs.2640 25-Jan-2015 Rs.2880 Rs.2640 27-Jan-2015 Rs.2880 Rs.2640 28-Jan-2015 Rs.2873 Rs.2634 29-Jan-2015 Rs.2861 Rs.2623 30-Jan-2015 Rs.2850 Rs.2613 24 Carat Gold rates in Guwahati One gram of 24 Carat gold has been priced Rs.2850 in the last Seven days in ...

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Last 30 Days Gold Price in Guwahati

GUWAHATI 24-Carat 22-Carat 31-Dec-2014 Rs.2756 Rs.2526 01-Jan-2015 Rs.2728 Rs.2501 02-Jan-2015 Rs.2735 Rs.2507 03-Jan-2015 Rs.2748 Rs.2519 04-Jan-2015 Rs.2748 Rs.2519 05-Jan-2015 Rs.2751 Rs.2522 06-Jan-2015 Rs.2794 Rs.2561 07-Jan-2015 Rs.2796 Rs.2563 08-Jan-2015 Rs.2754 Rs.2525 09-Jan-2015 Rs.2753 Rs.2524 10-Jan-2015 Rs.2748 Rs.2519 ...

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Last 30 Days Gold Price in Nizamabad

NIZAMABAD 24-Carat 22-Carat 31-Dec-2014 Rs.2753 Rs.2524 01-Jan-2015 Rs.2730 Rs.2503 02-Jan-2015 Rs.2730 Rs.2503 03-Jan-2015 Rs.2749 Rs.2520 04-Jan-2015 Rs.2749 Rs.2520 05-Jan-2015 Rs.2752 Rs.2523 06-Jan-2015 Rs.2797 Rs.2564 07-Jan-2015 Rs.2800 Rs.2567 08-Jan-2015 Rs.2800 Rs.2567 09-Jan-2015 Rs.2747 Rs.2518 10-Jan-2015 Rs.2747 Rs.2518 ...

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